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Modifications planned

I started the conversion of the engine to a 1964 Buick 355

Following is a right up I did for our club news letter about the project.  I canceled the project when the reality set in that the engine transmission combination would not fit with out major surgery.

I did rebuild the engine and sold it on eBay for a profit.

This engine is based on the Buick (Rover) 215 but with a 300 CID cast iron block. 

Current carburetion is a Quadra-jet four barrel, 11:1 Compression ratio, 260 hp, and 355 Foot pounds of torque.  It will fit nicely into the TR6 engine compartment




The Transmission will be upgraded to a Chevrolet 700R4 Automatic overdrive.


The engine is in the machine shop to be cleaned, checked, bored to .30 over, new cam,.   The block will be decked and the head milled to just clean up the mating surface. The Crank is standard.  The head will also be ported and valve guide seals will be installed, and receive a  triple grind valve job.


Exhaust will consist of dual block hugger headers and stainless pipes and mufflers.  A new radiator will be mounted at an angle under the hood with automatic electric cooling fans.  Steering linkage will be modified to accommodate the wider engine.  An Edelbrock 550 CFM carb with K & N filtration will be mounted.


Engine weight will be 380 lbs about 100 less than the standard 6 cly and about 50 more than a Rover 215.

Completed engine that was never installed.



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