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History of upgrades and Major Repairs

1975 White

Like most used TR6, this one has a long history of fixes and modification.

Here is a list of what I can determine was done prior to my purchase in 1993

Paint and Body:

bulletOriginal color was #84 Topaz Yellow (like a county dump truck)
bulletAt some point it was painted British racing green
bulletThen its current shade of white which is a non-standard color.  The decals on the rear fenders we reversed at that time.  It looks like it was painted with a spray can
bulletOverspray from both jobs is evident on the car.  I have spent several years cleaning up the mess that the painter made.
bulletRight front was involved in a fender bender at some point the right front wing is new and underlying sheet metal still shows minor damage.
bulletRust above the rear wheels was repaired with about 20 pounds of bondo as were the rear corners of the left and right rear wings.


bulletEngine rebuilt at 45,162 miles indicated
bulletEngine rebuilt a second time at 45,673 miles indicated because the mechanic did not install the thrust washers in the first rebuild.
bulletTwo new clutches in 10 years and three through out bearings
bulletPort head, manifolds, and Carburetor
bulletOil Cooler with spin-off filter
bulletOil line to rocker galley
bullettwo sets of engine cooling hoses in 10 years
bulletStainless steel fuel line
bulletNew mounts for transmission and engine
bulletReplaced timing cover oil seal twice last time used a sleeved seal


Head Lights

bulletNew high power headlights and relay  (130 watt high and 100 watt low beams)

LED lights

bulletParking front
bulletMarker lights on side
bulletTurns on front and back
bulletTail and brake lights
bulletInterior gauge lights

Frame and suspension:

bulletCruciform plate replaced in 1992 this was a body off process
bulletNew Frame inserts for tailing arm frame mounts
bulletUrethane bushings in all suspension locations
bulletReplaced lever shocks with gas mono-tube units
bulletFront shocks are old style Koni

Tires Wheels:

bulletCurrently red line Michelin 185-80-15 made in France.  These tires are 18 years old on rear and 8 years old on Front.
bulletFactory steel wheels with stainless steel trim



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